Producer EPR Membership
(Available to registered Producers with a valid PRO membership number only)

Deliverables as per the regulatory requirement for PRO’s (not limited to)

  • Provide compliant and transparent EPR Support to Producer Members
  • Collection and handling of the EPR Fees in accordance with strict confidentiality protocols
  • Ensure Producer compliance and reporting to DFFE as per the Section 18 Regulations
  • Disbursement of fees to the supply value chain to meet the targets and obligations of producers
  • Skills development Program development
  • Job creation in the sector
  • Support the recovery, recycling, waste reduction, beneficiation opportunities etc.
  • DFFE and other Government Liaison
  • Informal Sector Integration
  • Establishment of best practice and industry Norms and Standards
  • Embracing Circular Economy Principles

General Membership
(Available to Other Stakeholders)

Who can join?

  • Small Enterprises
  • Medium Enterprises
  • Large Enterprises | Patron Members
  • National, Provincial and Local Government institutions
  • Academia
  • Individual Members

* Membership fees are determined according to member categories

Benefits (not limited to):

  • Communications on current legislation, industry news etc
  • Access to training and development programs
  • Knowledge sharing and consumer awareness campaigns
  • Research and Development support
Lightcycle SA - Non Producer General Membership Fees