December 2, 2021

EPR Regulations Update - Further Amendments

On 2 December 2021, DFFE published amendments to the EPR regulations.

These amendments mainly are for clarification on the following points:

Regulation 1 – Summary Audit Report

Regulation 5 – Submission dates of the audit and summary reports

Regulation 8 – Extending the first reporting period to include Nov/Dec into the reporting year 2022

Removing lead-acid batteries and lighting and the related components from the current electrical and electronic sector regulations

Please note that these proposed amendments are now open for public comment for the next 30 days.

Kindly submit any comments you may have to by no later than Friday the 24 December 2021 so that it can be included in Lightcycle SA’s submission to DFFE.

Lightcycle SA will host a workshop with its signed-up Producer Members in February 2022 to provide clarity around the detailed calculation of the EPR fee and other important facts that Producer Members should know.